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Three Rivers Holiday Wreaths & Garlands

Here in Colorado, we know snow is just around the corner. So are the Holidays! 

If you are considering purchasing a fresh wreath or garland for your front door or windows, please consider making a donation to All Points West GSP Rescue at the same time.

All Three Rivers wreaths are hand-made with hand-picked greens that are gathered daily. Each wreath is double-faced (built on both sides of the metal ring), and thickly fashioned with real balsam fir greens. They carefully harvest their balsam, cedar and white pine boughs only after the needles have set for the winter. This makes for fresher and longer lasting wreaths!

Each wreath is direct shipped to your front door and prices include shipping. You have a choice of several different varieties and two different ship dates; either the week of Thanksgiving or the following week. We recommend the week of Thanksgiving so that you can enjoy your wreath the entire Holiday season!

If you order from the secure link below, from now until Nov. 26 a portion of the cost ($10 for each wreath) will be donated to All Points West GSP Rescue and used towards the health care needs of our rescues. 

Thank you for your continued support!

Ready to Order? 

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