Adoption Guidelines & Donation Fees

 Adopting a German Shorthaired Pointer is a big decision. You are taking into your home a dog that is intelligent, loyal, fun loving, full of love, and yes, has a lot of energy. However, owning a GSP will bring you so much enjoyment, fun and fulfillment. They have this wonderful way of wiggling right into your heart.


We are committed to matching our dogs with good, responsible and loving new owners. We strive to make the best match we can. Our number one concern is for our GSPs. Below you can find detailed information on our adoption requirements.


Mandatory Requirements for Adoption


  • All GSPs will be spayed/neutered prior to any adoption. Exceptions are made on a case by case basis.

  • All adopting individuals will have to completely fill out and sign the Adoption Application which must be verified and approved.

  • All adopting individuals, who live in a single family home, must have a fenced yard with a fence in good repair or be able to show that they can properly and safely exercise the dog. We will take each application on a case by case basis.

  • All adopting individuals, who live in an apartment / condo / townhouse must be able to show how the GSP will be adequately exercised. We will take each application on a case by case basis.

  • All adopting individuals who live in rental property will have to have a signed approval document from their landlord.

  • All adopting individuals must have a home check in order to verify application and conditions of the potential “forever home”.

  • All adoption individuals must be at least 21 years old.  

  • All dogs and cats in the adopting home must be spayed or neutered unless there is a medical reason that a spay or neuter cannot be done. This will be verified by a vet.

  • All dogs and cats in the adopting home must be current on vaccinations.

  • We will not discuss individual dogs with applicants until the adoption process has been completed because there may be more than one applicant interested in a particular dog, and we do not want to promise the same dog to more than one applicant.

  • We do not have a physical location, as all of our dogs are fostered in individual homes. Please check our News and Events section if you would like to visit with us at one of our meet and greets.

  • Applicants who live in other states are welcome to apply. Being a donation based rescue, having the applicant arrange transport is the best, but we can help facilitate if needed.

  • A note about hunting: Because we know nothing about the background of the majority of the dogs we rescue, we cannot guarantee the hunting ability of any dog. We do not have the volunteer resources to hunt test dogs. Any dog you adopt from us should be a family companion first, and if the dog is inclined to hunt that will be a wonderful bonus.

  • The general guideline is that puppies may be left alone, for no longer in hours than the number of months of their ages. Please do not apply for a young puppy if you intend to be gone all day.

Adoption Fees

Under 6 months – $400
6 months – 2 years – $350
2 – 6 years – $300
7 + years – $250

If you are a prior adopter, you can add a Great Senior (those dogs that are designated as seniors on their posting) to your family for free – simply mention it to our adoption team.


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