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Our organization

Who we are.

We are a volunteer operated 501(c)3 non-profit organization passionate about the welfare of German Shorthaired Pointers.

Our mission.

 Our mission is to help GSPs in need by providing rescue, safety, rehabilitation and placement in a loving forever home. 

We celebrate and honor not only the GSP’s in need, but the adopter’s choice to adopt rather than purchase a new dog. To be fair while considering our fosters/adopters needs as well as the dogs needs in a search for a loving forever home. To demonstrate compassion, respect and genuine concern for all potential fosters/adopters, and our GSP rescues.

Fairness, Kindnes& Respect


We aim to do what we say we will do. To be transparent in all our dealings in the rescue of GSP’s, fostering of GSP’s and adoption into a forever home. To encourage open and honest communication in all our rescue relationships. 

Honesty & Integrity


We strive to lead by example. To educate and believe that together we can create a positive change in the number of homeless pets. To pass along new social ethics surrounding rescue and adoption. Our hope is that people begin to rethink purchasing a pet in an effort to reduce the number of homeless or unwanted animals in rescues and shelters. We want all people to be advocates for those that cannot speak for themselves. 

Leadership & Positive Influence


We continually work toward our mission, vision and objectives, in spite of obstacles and in a manner consistent with our guiding principals.  Our mission supports the end goal of lowering euthanasia rates in our region through our adoption programs and by providing resources to the community to encourage responsible pet ownership. A future in which all rescued GSP’s find responsible, loving homes where they are free from abuse, hunger, fear, loneliness and receive the care and respect they deserve.


& Vision


Where we rescue.

We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome

GSPs, and Pointer mixes the following states.

Our standards.

We strive to find new, permanent, and loving homes for German Shorthaired Pointer and Pointer mixes that have been abused, neglected and/or abandoned. Our rescue is licensed by the Pet and Animal Care Facilities Act (PACFA) of Colorado. All chapters of our rescue abide by these same standards and regulations. 

Thank you.

Our Rescue would not exist without the tireless commitment of our volunteers to our mission.  We are only able to do this great work with the help of our volunteers and supporters.

On behalf of all of us at All Points West German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue and most importantly the Pointers who you have helped save, we wish to thank everyone who has supported our mission and look forward to your continued support.

Ready to help?

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