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Founding Board Member, Director & Treasurer

Responsible for adoptions in



We became GSP people in 2011 with the adoption of our first GSP, Riley, which was totally by luck. My husband wandered into our Wal-Mart during a local shelters adoption event and found her. When I arrived a few minutes later, I knelt down beside this beautiful GSP, she put her paws on my knees and leaned into my chest as if to give me a hug.  A few minutes later, I took her home! She has taught us every day since then why GSPs are such an amazing breed!


We have 2 GSPs now, foster failure of the best kind and 2 mixed breed dogs. I have been in rescue since 2013. In my professional life I am an Engineer for a large Communications Company.  I am a native to Colorado. I have been married to my husband for 23 years. I love our house in the country, because it provides enough open space for our dogs to run. I love going to the gym, camping, fishing, hiking, and pretty much anything outdoors. 

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