Gail Wise

Founding Director responsible for Colorado Adoptions

Gordie and I became hooked on GSPs in 1998.  Since then we’ve been owned by seven of this amazing breed.  Shorthairs are intelligent, funny, challenging, loving, and energetic!  Their desire and need to run no matter the weather keeps us active, busy and enjoying life with our current crew of five.  Add in a foster or two and there’s no way they accept excuses for my not taking them on their nightly run, even in the cold and dark!


We began fostering in 2011 with our two original GSPs and often had as many as four fosters at a time.  Our pack grew to the current five and it’s clear they’re a stable, welcoming, teaching bunch so we’re able to continue taking in foster pups and help them learn about the good life.  Far as I can tell, by September 2019 the blonde guy and I have fostered 99 wonderful mommas and babies, puppies, young dogs, and sweet seniors. 

A scared, uncertain dog who may have never been in a home, had their own bed (or ours), enough to eat, or a gentle hand and kind words begins to blossom and is a sight to behold!  They gain confidence, become part of a family and a pack, embrace being indoors and safe, welcome ear scratches and belly rubs. It’s truly humbling to watch them learn to trust and become the dog who had always been deep inside.  Rescue gives these great dogs a second chance, fosters provide safety, good food and lots of love.  It is hands down the most rewarding process to be a part of making happen.  

Seeing all 99 of our wonderful fosters find their forever families and live the lives they deserve to have makes for happy tears and a thankful heart for all who are involved in saving each and every precious life. 

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