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Wyatt - CO

Wyatt - CO

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6-8 months

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Wyatt - CO

Available for adoption in August: Wyatt is a sweet boy full of energy! He is e-collar trained which makes long runs in a field a great option to get his puppy energy out. He definitely is a pointer and is excited about birds. With the right training he will be a great hunting companion. He knows his name and learned the dog door early on. He does ok in a kennel when nobody is home, but is still learning it is a safe space in other situations. He would definitely do well in a pack. He loves his foster brother and sister. He does great with kids, though little ones his size he sees as playmates. Wyatt has been cat tested and seems to do well with them, though he likes to play and chase them. When he sleeps he is the most angelic little boy and you forget all the puppy craziness that happened earlier in the day.

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