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Will - CO

Will - CO

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3.5 years

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Will - CO

Will is a very charming dog! He weighs 50 lbs, has a black beauty coat, white blaze on his chest, and long natural tail, such a handsome boy and he has lots of character! He is very sweet and a quick learner. He is high energy and loves to play with other dogs for hours. He also enjoys his naps though! Will is working on his leash skills and is doing better everyday. He has also starting to learn that his crate is cozy, safe place to be but not totally convinced he wants to be in it with the door shut. Will would do best with another medium to large dog as he likes to play. He also would do best with a larger yard where he has some room to run. Will does jump up on people and kids at times when he gets excited and we are working with him on this, we have seen improvement, but he will need someone who will continue his training. Will has shown some food and toy aggression, but it only happens with other male dogs, no problem with females. Will is very smart and picks up things quickly, he is also food motivated, so that helps with training. if you are interested in learning more about Will, please apply!

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