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Todd - CO

Todd - CO

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2 years

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Todd - CO

Todd has come into our rescue because his family abandoned him at the dog sitters house. He's a 2 yr old Pointer Mix and he is neutered. The neighbor to the dog sitter heard him bark a lot and inquired about him. After hearing his story, she agreed to take him home, knowing she could give him lots of love. What she didn't know is that Pointers are not good in apartments and definitely need more than just taking them out to go potty a few times a day. She has a neighbor that helps with getting him outside multiple times a day, but because she herself has limitations on what she can do, Todd does not get the exercise he needs to be the well behaved boy we know he can be. Todd is a everyone's best friend! Whether meeting a person or another dog, he seems to love everyone! Little kids might be a challenge because he's a big boy and not really aware of his own size. He needs work on basic commands, because he is still very puppy like. His ideal family would have time to teach him things and show him boundaries. He's smart and eager to please, he just needs loving direction from his new family. He also needs exercise, room to run and play. If you are looking for a hiking buddy, running buddy, or a loving family dog, Todd's your boy!

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