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Max - CO

Max - CO

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Max - CO

Max here! At 6 ½ years old I’m the perfect age to become a member of your family! I’m looking for a new place to put my dog bed & lay my head. . . could that be your house?

Unfortunately, my current family didn’t do their research on GSPs so they weren’t aware of my exercise needs. They’re not an active family so no off leash running, hiking, or camping, just leash walks (I do pull a lot) which as we all know, isn't fun with a Shorthair. I’m extremely affectionate & snuggly, like stalking rabbits & squirrels, not a fan of being crated & am perfectly trustworthy loose in the house for eight hours. The biggest thing my new family would need to work on is my bolting out the front door when it’s left open or someone doesn’t shut it tightly. I take off & it’s hard to catch me because all I want to do is run. Again, not getting enough exercise is probably part of the issue & because no one has taught me any recall, I don’t understand that I need to come back when I’m called. Honestly, I think I’d be easy to teach if the right person is willing to work with me & knows how to use an e-collar to correct my inclination to head out an open door without my person. Using an e-collar would help me learn to not go out the front by myself & would enable me to enjoy all the outside activities Colorado has to offer a guy like me, off-leash.

I’m neutered, fully vaccinated, 70lbs, housebroken, great with kids of all ages & love when we have company! I don’t currently live with other dogs & on walks I’m oblivious to them because well, squirrels! So if you’d like a great adventure buddy who needs to learn recall, not dashing out doors and teaching me a few things, apply with us today and let's talk about making you my new family!

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