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Max & Maddie - AZ

Max & Maddie - AZ

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1.5 & 2 yrs old

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Max & Maddie - AZ

Max and Maddie are a loving and gentle pair of GSP’s that love each other very much. They find comfort in their together time whether it is playing, eating, or sleeping. What we know about them is that they were found together as strays in January and found themselves as residents of Maricopa County Animal Control and Halo Shelter for a couple of months. When they were adopted, the father of the family did not want dogs and the mother and daughter felt it was best to find them a different home. They went to their current foster home and have thrived with stability, consistency, and love. They are now ready to find their forever home. Since they are bonded together, we are looking for a family that can give them
a forever home together.

Max is approximately 1 ½ years old and weighs about 46 lbs. He is liver and white patched with some ticking. He is a gentle soul that learns quickly and is very eager to please. He follows Maddie’s lead in uncomfortable new situations, but then finds his confidence fast. He loves his chew toys, ball, and playing chase and tag with Maddie. He also loves playing in the water on the pool Baja shelf. He has already learned what is his to chew and what is not. He knows sit, drop, come, walk and easy, and is working on other commands. He is a puller on the leash and needs work on recall but is doing well responding to whistle training and “come.” Max is a cuddler and loves sleeping right next to you on the couch when allowed. He and Maddie are often found in the same doggie bed together. He has learned the schedule and routine in the house and does well with it.

Maddie is approximately 2 years old and weighs about 35 lbs. She is white and black patched with some ticking. She is a tiny girl full of life and energy. Maddie is the leader and alpha, Max happily follows her lead. Maddie loves playtime with Max the most. She loves tug-of-war with chew toys and chasing Max around the backyard. Maddie loves the Baja shelf of the pool and playing in the water. She knows basic commands like sit, drop, come, walk and easy, and is working on more commands. She is learning whistle recall and “come.” She is a strong puller on the leash, and we are working on that. Maddie is a love bug and loves to cuddle right next to you whenever allowed. She also loves sharing her doggie bed with Max. She has learned the household schedule and knows what the routine is.

They are most comfortable with each other, and do not like being away from their person for an extended period of time. They would do best in a household where someone is home to spend time with them. Due to their playful nature with each other, they may be a bit much for small children, but have loved meeting children during our walks. They enjoyed cuddling with my grandchildren who are 6 and 8 years old. They thrive in a structured and peaceful environment, as they are still learning and unsure of the noises of the world. They are great in the car and love going on car rides. Bedtime is around 9:30pm nightly and they sleep right next to each other in their dog beds secured in the master bedroom bath area. They sleep all night until about 6:00am, when they are incredibly happy to join you for morning cuddles and playtime. Both will need continued work on leash training and recall. They are very prey oriented and seek out birds and bunnies during walk time. No cats or birds in their new home. Their prey drive requires some strength to keep them focused and back on task while walking. Daily exercise and walks are necessary so that they can burn off their energy. Backyard running and play time is also something they enjoy. Off leash is not an option at this point. They are quicker to settle then most GSP’s and they settle in very nicely in the evening. They also enjoy a nice chew treat or filled Kong after playtime. They are extremely sweet dogs and very bonded to each other. The goal is to find them a loving and active forever home together. These 2 will be available at the end of June, apply today for more details!

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