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Maddie - CO

Maddie - CO

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8 years

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Maddie - CO

Sweet 8 yr old Maddie has been through some stuff in her life, yet she is just the sweetest girl that has over-come so much! We were notified about Maddie from a Humane Society in NE back in 2018. They told us that she was adopted from them 2 yrs prior (2016), but her "person" went to jail so she was returned to the Humane Society. We brought her to CO and placed her in a foster home. Immediately after arriving we found out her ACL was torn, so we had it repaired. After having it repaired we found the perfect forever home for her, an older couple who loved her very much. After going to the couple who wanted to adopt her, we learned she had some behaviors that we had to address, #1 she was horrible on a leash, and #2 she had food aggression. The couple who loved her needed our help so we got Maddie some specialized training. She learned to walk on a leash and food aggression was addressed, much improved at the time. She was adopted! Sadly, the couple who adopted her have both recently passed away and Maddie has joined our rescue again. She is living with a trusted foster and his young male GSP. They get along great! Maddie does well in a crate but also does great free roaming the house when he's not home. Maddie and the fosters dog are fed right next to each other and she has not displayed any food aggression. They play together and sleep together! She walks pretty good on a leash but does pull a little. When she greets other people she just wants to give them all her love! When she meets other dogs on walks and if they growl at her, she will growl back. If they are happy to meet her she is happy to meet them. Not too unlike people! She really is such a wonderful dog who just wants all the love! If you're heart and home has the space for a sweet senior girl, please apply today, Maddie is a joy!

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