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Gwen - CO

Gwen - CO

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1.5 years

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Gwen - CO

Special Needs: Gwen is a 1.5 yr. old Pointer mix. Gwen is excited to find her forever home! Could that be yours? She is a happy pup! She does great living with another dog and loves all humans she meets. And, she is good with kids. She is playful and is quick to nudge you for
attention. She is very affectionate, loves to cuddle and just laze around. Gwen still has some puppy in her and loves to chew! Skip the soft fluffy toys, she needs a Kong! She is curious and will explore everywhere. A back yard is a joy to her and she’s happy just hanging out in your grass or on your patio. If you live in multi-family dwelling she’ll be fine with a daily walk. Here are the pluses! She is house trained; uses a doggy door if you have one; she likes going on walks; is a great sleeper. She’ll sleep in her dog bed and then comes to your bed in the morning to say, “Good Morning”! She is crate trained for nights if you prefer and when you’re out. She would be OK crated while at work. She has mastered Sit, Down, Come and is learning to Stay and Wait (to not run out an open door or at her food bowl before you can put it down). She has not shown any interest in jumping onto furniture. She is a fast learner and eager to please! She is a little sensitive, so a verbal correction is all it takes to help her. Gwen is not a dog to accompany a jogger nor for long hikes right now. She was born with hip dysplasia. The specialist she saw does not recommend surgery but, via normal activity, allow scar tissue to develop and her hip will be OK! She is at her ideal weight which will help her tremendously. So that she is comfortable and can be active she is on a regimen of inexpensive anti-inflammatory and pain medication for now, while the scar tissue is still developing, and joint supplements. Even with this condition, she is full of energy and loves to play. She is being fostered with a 2 ½ year old dog and they wrestle away! A house with stairs is just fine. If you might be interested in a sweet (she took to her foster right away!), loving, fun pup to grow with you and/or your family please apply!

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