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Gwen - CO

Gwen - CO

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1.5 years

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Gwen - CO

Gwen is a 1 yr old Pointer mix. She is highly active and happy one! Gwen is excited to find her forever home, she does great with other dogs and loves all humans she meets. We have not seen her interact with children but with her demeanor and patience, we think she should be fine. She loves to run and play and is quick to nudge you for attention. She is very affectionate, loves to cuddle. She is house trained; and uses a doggy door and goes to the door when she wants to go out. She is remarkably busy, up, and down throughout the day between napping, playing and just being curious. Gwen still has some puppy in her and loves to chew! She likes the off-leash dog park and going on walks. Gwen is a great sleeper. She sleeps in a doggy bed and then comes to your bed in the morning to say, “Good Morning”! Fun Fact: she loves to steal socks, so if they are missing your dryer did not “eat” them. She has almost mastered the basics such as Sit, Down and Touch. She is a fast learner and eager to please!

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