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Clay - CO

Clay - CO

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4 months

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Clay - CO

Hi, I'm Clay. I'm a Oklahoma Jumping Bean. I'm approximately 4 months old and am learning the basics. I'm house broken and crate trained ( I really like peanut butter kongs and cry a bit when my foster Mom leaves but settle quickly). I'm learning about leash walking, sitting on command and not jumping on people.

Currently I'm living with 2 senior GSPs and a young EP, and I really like other dogs. My foster Mom says I've been an easy puppy and I settle well and usually sleep thru the night.

Personality: Clay is a happy and sociable dog who loves meeting new people. He gets excited initially but settles down quickly, enjoying snuggles and attention.

Training: Food Motivation: High, which aids in his training.

Crate Training: Does well in his crate overnight but becomes vocal in the morning when he needs to go out.

House Training: Making good progress with no accidents in his crate.

Basic Commands: He is eager to please and learns new things well.

Behavior: Non-Food Aggressive: Has a healthy appetite and is not aggressive around food.

Playfulness: Enjoys chasing tennis balls and playing with his litter mates.

Leash Walking: Easy to walk and loves exploring during walks.

Overall, Clay is a well-rounded, trainable, and affectionate dog who would thrive in a loving home that continues his training and provides plenty of attention and playtime.


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