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Cooper Camillia - AZ

Cooper Camillia - AZ

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5 years

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Cooper Camillia - AZ

Cooper Camillia is a 5 yr old, spayed, GSP and is very loved by her family but they have made the difficult to decision to rehome her. The reason for this is because suddenly Cooper is not getting along with the female Springer Spaniel in the house who is 12 yrs old. They have lived together since Cooper was a puppy, they were best buddies, so this very upsetting. There was more than one incident and feel that the situation will not improve. They believe its best if Cooper goes to an only dog home. She will need a family who loves her like they would another family member! She loves her daily walks and loves playing ball in the back yard! She loves her stuffed toys and loves tricks for treats. Most of all, she loves people and anyone who will show her affection. Although she has not been around many young kids, we think she would be great with them! Like most GSP's she is a velcro dog, so having a family who is home more than not would be ideal! She has allergies and takes Apoquel daily. She was crate trained when younger and now is confined to a small room in the house when her people have to leave. She is a huge cuddle bug/lap dog! If you don't have any other dogs and are home more then not, please apply!

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