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Axel - CO

Axel - CO

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Axel - CO

Christmas must be coming early this year, because Axel has landed at APW! Dubbed Buddy the Elf by his foster family, Axel is a GSP from rural Oklahoma that finds himself bounding through Colorado and enjoying all it has to offer. Though he didn’t pass through the seven layers of the candy cane forest or the sea of swirly-twirly gumdrops to get to here, he IS looking for his real family. Buddy, er, Axel, has yet to meet a stranger and is excited by EVERYTHING. Like Buddy, smiling is his favorite, and Christmas or not, he’s ready to spread some cheer! New things don’t phase him, and he’s great with other dogs and new people. He hasn’t officially been kid tested, but we think he’d do well with bigger kids (he might knock over small ones with his exuberance).

At 8 years old, Axel might be considered a senior, but don’t tell him that! He’s in great shape and will happily race you up your favorite trail, then cuddle up for a post hike nap. Axel would do well in a variety of living situations, and in his ideal home he’d get ample time to do bird dog stuff. He wants to sniff all the things, point all the critters, and get all the pets! Axel’s one restriction is cats—due to his prey drive we don’t think he can coexist with well with a cat. Axel arrived to APW on the skinnier side, but he’s already gaining weight nicely and is otherwise in great shape.

Axel is on our nice list for sure, so don’t be a cotton-headed ninny muggins—apply for Axel today!

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