Sydney Lewis


Responsible for adoptions in


Hello! I'm Sydney and I joined the Board of Directors with APW in 2020. I've been in Denver for 17 years and call it my home! My family ended up with a GSP by 'accident' in 2007. My brother rescued a pointer puppy in Oklahoma, who was left in a box in a field to die, and saved her life. My brother was deployed shortly after that and asked my family to keep her. She changed our lives forever and made us the Pointer People that we are. The love for the breed has done so much good for our family and has introduced us to so many wonderful people, dogs and experiences. The pointer community is a force of nature and something I am so proud to be part of.


I'm on my third senior rescue, who I rescued from APW in September of 2019. I love the seniors! Wendy is my partner in crime and my best friend. I could not ask for a better companion and family member.  In early 2020, I fostered a heartworm positive dog for APW and was not only able to meet his furever family, but take him to them when he was ready after his treatments. I made lifelong friends out of that experience and I think my heart grew a size or two. I am so excited to be part of this amazing organization and I know our impact is huge for every dog and family we work with.