Thank You Paws for Love Foundation for donating $500 for Fred’s rehabilitation!!!

All Points West is delighted to announce that the Paws for Love Foundation has generously awarded a $500 Paws in Action Medical Fund for Fred. This the third generous grant P4L has made, in as many years, in support of the pointers we rescue.


Fred is a one-year old pointer that has a leg that was broken as a very young pup and it was left untreated, leaving him with significant issues. He is undergoing PT & faces surgery to help him stand/walk/run & swim pain-free.


Pointer rescue is expensive. We sincerely appreciate the Paws for Love Foundation’s continued funding for medical care. Paws for Love gave us our first grant ever in 2017, in support of Brexie, Sawyer & Jerry. Last year their grant was to support our work in providing first time medical care to our precious Mississippi Five.


Fred’s Story

Fred is a one-year old pointer born and raised by a breeder/hunting kennel in Eastern Colorado. The breeder had him listed on their fb page for sale at a drastically reduced price due to his right rear leg having been broken at 3-4 months of age and they purportedly had no idea on how it happened. They chose to not repair Fred’s leg, as they hoped it would heal properly and they could sell him for the normal price of their “started dogs”, i.e. a pup who had some hunt training. The breeder said if the kennel spent money for surgery their profit margin would be slim. Thankfully a friend of APW contacted the breeder, asking if they’d surrender Fred to APW Rescue. 


APW took Fred when he was nine-months-old and we have been fostering him since. His untreated injury and resulting lameness has been diagnosed as valgus angular limb deformity (ALD), where there is a deviation of the lower leg in a lateral direction from the normal axis. As you can see in the photos below, Fred now stands with his rear legs canted at an abnormal angle to provide more stability and keep weight off his right leg, and he walks with a limp due to the injury which healed poorly, causing an abnormal gait when he runs. 

Fred LOVES to run and swim with his foster home’s resident 5-pack of GSPs, swims like a seal and is obsessed about being in the water. After a 45-minute joyful run, barking with wild abandon, he takes an anti-inflammatory medication and 600-900 mg of Gabapentin to ease significant pain.


APW waited for an opening in the orthopedic schedule at Colorado State Veterinary Hospital for evaluation and diagnostics for Fred. July 18th he finally had his appointment with Dr. Theresa Wendland, DVM, cVMA, Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Resident. She performed a CT scan after examining Fred. She then consulted with one of their veterinary surgeons and they are proposing surgery to re-break his femur and utilize a plate and screws to repair it correctly. They also felt it would be necessary to do surgical adjustments to his patella, since that is now tracking incorrectly as well.


Additionally, they prescribed Physical Therapy since his neck is very stiff from severely compensating for his gait problems. CSU indicated while Fred can use that limb, it just isn’t stable enough for running for any length of time and then he suffers additional pain afterwards. CSU’s report and analysis, as well as suggested plan of action is under consideration by the APW board of directors. The surgery recommended would cost between $4,400-4,800, as noted in their documentation.


APW desperately wants to give Fred the happy, pain-free life that all dogs deserve, but nearly $5,000 would rescue and rehabilitate many of our dogs in desperate situations. We need external support in order to help offer a crucial chance at a normal life to Fred. Fortunately, on Fred’s behalf, last week one of our regular vets consulted with a double board-certified orthopedic surgeon he knows and the two of them have proposed doing Fred’s corrective surgery for approximately $2,500 so we can finally help this sweet boy. They also suggested trying Physical Therapy first to see what benefit can be derived from that prior to surgery. They estimated the PT will cost $900, in addition to the $1,250 we have already spent on his initial examinations and CT scan. If his veterinarians later recommend going ahead with the surgery, it will be one half of the initial proposed cost.


Bucky Before                                Bucky After                      Lilly                         Queen    

The Mississippi Six, six GSPs rescued along with nine other dogs, after 5-6 yrs in horrible living conditions at a hunt club/farm in Alabama. Living outside with no way to escape the urine, feces and mud that was their home, these dogs are the most emotionally shattered and shut down dogs any of us have seen. They were so terrified they would not/could not stand up to be rescued. They are now recovering from living stained with their own feces and urine, underfed enough to be skeletal, shot with buckshot in the face that was left to fester, not at all socialized, sick with fungal and respiratory infections and tumors allowed to grow, and being bred over and over. After a month, they are finally not hiding behind the bed pillows in their foster homes, not needing to be picked up and carried outside/ inside. These sweet dogs need a sizeable investment financially and a lot of patience from their foster and adoptive families as they learn what life as a cherished pet should be like.











Hi, I'm Sawyer and if I were any sweeter, I'd be pure sugar. I am 8-9 years old and spent my previous life as an outdoor dog and I'm really learning to love this indoors thing. I love cuddling on the couch, cuddling on my dog bed, cuddling in your name it. I'm a classic velcro GSP who loves attention from my people. I am very good about leash walking and I don't need a large yard for running but rather a sunny patio for lots of sunbathing and star fishing. I know “sit”, am house trained and I'm good with free roaming the house without destruction when you are not home. I get along just fine with other dogs but I don't necessarily need another dog in the house to be comfortable.  I sleep all night in my dog bed, not a peep from me and I only snore a little. My friend Jake said it best, I'm a gracious soul that would make a wonderful companion for a person who doesn't want high energy but does want quiet, gentle companionship. 


I have some lumps and bumps but the vet checked them out and said they are "no biggie" and are normal for my age. I also have some calloused feet from living on concrete. I'm hoping I can talk my new mom into rubbing Vitamin E onto them and giving me massages. Wink, wink


Finding a forever family and companionship would mean the world to this gentle and loving soul.


Paws for Love Paws in Action Medical Grant Support for Sawyer:

Sawyer, previously known as Scout, found himself as an unclaimed senior stray in a high kill shelter in Utah in February, buy the time he was available for adoption the local GSP rescue lady had already taken in four additional dogs, so put out a FB plea for help.  APW stepped up to transport Sawyer to Denver so we could help this senior sweetheart out.  An entire village of people made all of this happen, volunteers pulled him from the shelter, Utah’s Perfect Pointers had Sawyer examined, vaccinated, micro-chipped, neutered and certified as healthy. Second Chance for Homeless Pets boarded him for a week, until he could be transported by Paws for Life in Heber, UT.  


After Sawyer arrived in Colorado we took him in for a dental examination and pre-sedation blood work for his dental cleaning.  Before we could have the dental work dsone, he developed Bronchitis, which necessitated a $500 emergency vet clinic visit, x-rays and antibiotics, which APW covered.  We then had his teeth cleaned.  During the cleaning it was decided that he had four teeth that needed to be pulled, as they were rotting into his gums. This is not uncommon on these dogs to need between 4-10 teeth pulled when they are seniors after years of neglect.  So Sawyer went back to the vet for his dental extractions, on 4/21, which had been estimated to cost $400 at another vet but were deeply discounted at the vet we took him to. The generous Paws for Love’s Paws in Action Grant made this dental surgery possible and now our healthy, gorgeous Sawyer found his fur-ever home 



Hi!  I'm Jerry.  I'm not exactly sure what my parents were but I'm a 10-month old pointer mix. I'm a goofy, fun loving love machine.  I'm also kid tested and approved for kids over 12. My perfect family would have another dog because I LOVE to play, fetching is fun too. I've been neutered (Really, the indignity), am house and crate trained. I'm still a puppy so crating me when my family is gone is a must. Some things still look good for a nibble and some fun. I'm good about not pulling when I'm on a leash, we haven't gotten to leash free yet. Hope we do soon. 


My foster Mom says I've been a super easy foster although I have a counter surfing addiction.  They say that's normal for pointers. I don't know about that but it sure is fun!  I sleep all night on a dog bed next to my foster Mom's bed. Honestly, I'd LOVE to sleep with her but my one foster sister says that's her spot and I'm not allowed. Maybe she will give in eventually, I can hope.


Paws for Love Paws in Action Medical Grant Support for Jerry:

APW had previously provided full medical and dental care for Jerry, but during his dental the veterinarian noticed a shattered tooth and saw what was suspected gunshot pellets. They recommended an x-ray to verify the identity of the suspected metal fragments and later an extraction, as the tooth was shattered and likely painful as the root of the tooth was also shattered and exposed. Paws for Love covered Jerry’s discounted surgery on 4/13 to relieve the pain from being shot in the face. Jerry found a loving home with one of our volunteers in June 2017.





Sweet, adorable Brexie Loves people, gets along great with other dogs, likes to cuddle & be close to her foster mom or dad and is terrific with kids! Her cute little face just begs you to love her. Raised voices or a stern tone cause her to cower and duck, indicating harsh treatment by someone who owned her. Locals saw her running loose for two weeks prior to being caught and taken to the area shelter. She is personable, bouncy and has a zest for life despite whatever her life has been prior to being rescued.


Brexie is a 3-yr old neurological special needs girl, who previously had been examined by our veterinarian, a neurological specialist, and a physical therapist to determine the cause of her bunny hop stride and unique hand-stand pose to defecate. X-rays determined she has what is likely a congenital issue with her lower spine, which was also the likely cause of her urinary and bowel incontinence. In March we hosted a Facebook fundraiser to pay for these special consultations, which cost $575 for the x-rays, an initial and then specialized urinalysis, and the neurological and physical therapy consultations, with a goal of raising $250 and we raised $260.


Fortunately prescription Gabapentin has enabled her to run with her foster brothers and regularly wag her tail for the first time without pain. She runs between 3-7 miles regularly with the pack without pain afterwards at all and now initiates rough and tumble play with a 1-year old GSP after these long distance, off-leash adventures. She now also wants to be the lead dog on those runs, and amazingly is able to outrun a 3-year old GSP who runs like a Greyhound on these outings! If we let her out twice a night, she’s dry every morning. She has also started the recommended physical therapy to strengthen her rear quarters. Success and a happy outcome for sweet Brexie she is now happy doing GSP things, running and playing hard. She takes her pain meds willingly, and goes to sleep with a little smile on her lips.


Paws for Love Paws in Action Medical Grant Support for Brexie:

APW waited to spay Brexie based on our vet and neurologist’s recommendations to see if we could get her bladder and bowel incontinence under control with more frequent trips outside and some muscle toning from exercise. It worked and she did not need to be kept on prescriptions for bladder control. So she then was ready to be spayed, despite the risk to her new bladder control, because the vets indicated that if a male tried to mount her, while in heat, or if she had a litter of puppies, it would likely cause further seriously damage her lower spine. So Paws for Love Paws in Action funding helped us cover her discounted spay expenses on 4/26. We have also taken her to two Physical Therapy appointments so far at a discounted cost of $86/each, with a minimum of three more sessions planned. (We just started those sessions so do not yet have a bill.) The physical therapist is amazed at the difference in her hind quarter muscle tone since she first met her when she was initially rescued.  Running all out with her foster siblings, now that her pain is controlled with Gabapentin has worked miracles for her strength. The PT will help her flexibility and strength even more and help us know how to continue to build muscle tone and flexibility in her hindquarters, to help minimize the risk of damage to her front legs/shoulders as they were doing all of the work to help her move about prior to the prescription medicine and exercise regime we started. Brexie was adopted by an awesome family who understood her needs and is giving her the best life!