Jaeger and Stella

Available in Oregon

Adoption Donation

$300 each or both for $500

Sex: Brother and Sister    

Age: 3 years old

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Jaeger and Stella are brother and sister. While we think they are bother a confident enough to thrive on their own if we could rehome them together even better! Their original owners bred their female and had 10 puppies.  For whatever reason they did not find homes for the puppies.  After a year or so they gave away a few of the dogs, but still had 7 or 8.  

Current owners have 10 acres and have always had outdoor farm dogs here.  They are currently living on the farm with an invisible fence that gave them a few acres around the house to roam. They currently are living outside with a doggy door on the garage so they could come in and have their beds and food in a warm sheltered area. The both have a bit of an adventurous side however and have learned how to escape the invisible fence

They are both very friendly even though they were pretty timid at first.  They current owners have kids and company over quite a bit and they have really warmed up to people.  They even do well with kids as young as 2.  


Stella is very “wiggly” - constantly wagging her tail and jumping up.  She’s gotten better about not jumping on people, but just jumps in the air.  She needs to be kept busy, or she can be very destructive like any GSP. 

They are otherwise very healthy and active.  Stella is very “birdy” and would probably make a good hunting dog with proper training.  Jaeger is a big teddy bear (they originally named him Casanova, but he’s kind of a goof-ball, so that didn’t fit).  He would be a very loyal loving companion. 

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