Available in Oregon

Adoption Donation- $250

Sex: Female     

Age: 9 year old

Special Needs: Arthrisis in her hind legs

Hello, my name is Heidi! I was surrendered to All Points West GSP Rescue after my owner passed away. . . I don’t really know what that means but I know that after that happened, A LOT changed for me! I went to live with relatives of my owner but it wasn’t where I needed to be, plus they had a cat! Did you know that there are actually people that like cats?!? I sure don’t and need my forever person or family to feel the same way because I simply cannot live with another cat! So when it was discovered that my prey drive was too strong to live with cats, I was sent to stay at a boarding facility but we all knew that wasn’t where I needed to be so my luck had it that All Points West GSP Rescue was able to take me in, to start my journey to a better life. . . my best life. 
After a llllllooonnnggg day in the car, I made my way from Washington to Central Oregon where I have been living with my foster family for some time now. My foster family is GREAT. . . they’re a crazy bunch with 2 small kiddos (ages 3 and 6) and 3 other dogs that I’ve learned to live with. After some time settling into the pack and learning to live with constant commotion around me, I’ve decided that I LOVE the family life. The littlest human and I have the strongest bond, we’re like peas and carrots and the other little human is pretty amazing too! And now that I feel comfortable in my surroundings, I am much quicker to adjust to new people, places and things that would have made me unsure before. Now let’s talk about these other dogs I’ve been living with; it was quite the adjustment for me to live as part of a pack because of my late in life learning curve surrounding manners around other dogs.  I must say though in the short time that I have been with my foster family, I have been given the opportunity to work on my manners (with humans and other dogs) and brush up on my obedience but continued training and redirection will help me adjust! Did I mention that I learn well with positive reinforcement by means of treats. . . easy right?!? So be sure that if you think you are the right fit for me, stock up on treats before I get to you. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I LOVE treats so much I don’t chance not getting as many as I can by attacking your hand like a shark. . . nope, nice and soft from whoever gives ‘em to me. And did you know that some humans give you toys to play with?! My foster family has an entire basket full. . . I never knew toys were so fun to play with before getting here! But what I’ve found to be just as fun, if not more fun than toys, is having a playmate I can romp around and get the zoomies with- so if I had a house with a fenced in yard that would be a dream come true! A few other things that would be a dream come true would be if my new house had little to no stairs and a couch or cozy place just for me to loaf around on because as I’m sure you have already heard, my hind legs are not in the greatest shape. You see, I have old injuries to both of my knees that were never properly treated but my body has adjusted to compensate. . . and I really don’t let it slow me down much at all, though I know stairs will eventually be something that I won’t be able to maneuver easily as I get older. But don’t let my creaky bones deter you from adopting me because now that I’m receiving medical care, I feel so much more comfortable and with continued care I know I’ll be around to love you for years to come. 
Now before I ramble on, here are a few more things you should know about me. . .
I like going for rides but can let my excitement get the best of me sometimes, so my foster family has been taking me for more car rides to help me stay calm. But those treats I told you to stock up on earlier, they really help reinforce me staying calm if I can’t sit up front or if I’m not in a crate. 
I absolutely LOVE going for walks. My foster family has been working with me on leash and for a GSP I do pretty darn good about not pulling too much. Remember I have a high prey drive so until my recall is consistent with you and/or I get more training with an e-collar, off-leash might not be the best for me at first.
I am house-trained. . . not a single accident since being with my foster family.
I am also crate trained and have my own crate though now I am left to roam freely when my foster family is gone and have done so without incident. If I need to be crated, I do best when it is only for short periods of time (a few hours max) and I love it when my foster mom plays music or leaves the TV on when they are gone. 
I have not displayed any resource guarding with food, toys or people.
I know some basic commands (like sit, wait, easy and currently working on give and leave it) but would do best with continued training so I don’t forget. 
I have heard my foster mom say that I am sweeter than sweet with a little sassafras. . . I don’t really know what she’s talking about when she says this, but I know I like what I like and will make it pretty apparent. For example, if I love you. . . you will know. If breakfast or supper is late, I will remind you. If I’m nervous/anxious/unsure, I might be a little hard to read but kind reassurance and a confident/experienced owner help me feel safe. I am still learning that not everything I’m unsure about is scary so your patience will go far. 
Ok, so now that you have learned more about me. . . complete an adoption application if you think we are exactly what each other needs in life. If there is something about me that doesn’t fit with your life, please share my story with others to help me find my forever person/family because that is what I need, and I’m determined to get.

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