Casey Meidinger

Board Member, Director, Record-keeping and PACFA compliance

Responsible for adoptions in


Hi! I'm Casey.  I'm originally from the Southwest side of Chicago.  I moved to Denver with my then boyfriend now husband Justin in 2014 . I joined the Board of Directors in July of 2018 but have been volunteering and fostering for APWGSPR since it's inception. My husband and I moved to Montana in Spring of 2019 and I now head our rescue efforts in the PNW.


My interest- turned love and passion -for GSPs began in 2014 when by chance I found a beautiful GSP roaming the streets where we lived in Denver's Ball Park District. Without hesitation I stepped into action-- Tia Torres style-- and some how managed to get this sweet and emaciated pointer into the backseat of my car! As fate would have it after caring for him and planning to keep him we discovered he had a microchip and he already had owners that loved him and were grateful to have him found. Thus began our search for a GSP of our own!


After months of searching I was days away from putting a HUGE deposit down with a breeder across the country when my good friend and now former board member Emily Ross introduced me to APWGSPR.  Justin and I had been dog owners for years. Our first fur baby is a harrier hound named Winston. Ironically, we were heart set on getting a GSP but neither of us had ever actually owned a GSP. We've since fallen in love with the breed and have fostered over 30 pointer from puppies to senior dogs since January 2017. We have actually "foster failed" and our foster Reggie has become a part of the family.  


We've been apart of so many amazing dogs' lives that have given us tons of great stories and left our hearts with the warmest of memories. I love what APW GSP Rescue stands for and am so grateful to do it with such an amazing group of ladies!