Available in Colorado

Adoption Donation- $350

Sex: Male     

Age: 12-18 months old

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Bobby!  That’s me!  Let me tell you about myself & the things I’m learning.  I’m a 20 month old English Pointer who came from a kennel situation where my siblings & I were kept in our kennels or on a chain gang so I’ve never been in a home.  Admittedly, I’m a wild man at the moment; foster mom says I’m a “work in progress” & a “diamond in the ruff” whatever THAT means

In less that a week in my foster home I’m already showing improvement, learning my name & basic commands.  I’m quite enthusiastic & as a result have “happy tail” wherein I wag my tail so hard it breaks open on the end & bleeds.  Mom’s helping me tone down said enthusiasm so I’m not breaking the scab open when I get excited. I LOVE my foster family dogs & play hard w/the 3 younger ones both inside & out.  In less than a day I figured out the dog door & it’s my favorite thing because I can go in/out whenever I want.  The weather has been really nice lately so I spend most of the days outside, patrolling the yard, chasing my new friends & soaking up the sunshine.  I’m not a fence jumper but a 5-6 ft fence is probably a good idea.

Once I mastered the dog door I haven’t had a single accident in the house!  I hang out on the couch or a dog bed when foster mom & dad are eating or watching TV even though it’s hard not to want a taste of what they’re having!  I eat meals in my crate since I’m a slower eater than the home team.  At night I sleep in my crate without a peep for about 8 hours & bark around 6:30 to let mom know I need to go outside.  I’ll admit I’m not a fan of being crated but will go in if you bribe me with a treat.

We go for a run every night & I’m not great on leash because they’re on e-collars & I want so badly to keep up with them. Foster mom brought me to work with her & I’m much less stimulated on leash when it’s just us.  I’m in a crate at her office & so quiet no one even knew I was here! 

I love attention, to curl up next to mom when she’s folding laundry or reading a book.  Don’t YOU want someone to snuggle with after dinner each night, to teach good leash walking etiquette to & to hang out with you?  If so, just ask APW for Bobby!

Interested in me?