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Tess - CO

Tess - CO

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6-8 months

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Tess - CO

Meet Tessa, a sweet and energetic 6-8 month-old puppy with a love for attention and a playful spirit! Like all puppies, Tessa is full of energy and always on the lookout for her next adventure. She’s making great progress with crate training, potty training, and basic commands, thanks to her quick learning ability.

Tessa enjoys playing with other dogs but can be a bit shy around strangers, so she would benefit from some additional socialization. Despite her playful antics, she loves to settle down for cuddles and lap time, making her a wonderful companion.

At bedtime, Tessa adapts well to her crate, settling in quickly after a brief fuss. She sleeps through the night but lets you know when she needs to go out in the morning. She’s had no crate accidents and is doing well with house training, with only a couple of minor incidents.

Tessa is great on walks, forging ahead with minimal tugging and quickly correcting when needed. Her love for food makes her highly motivated during training sessions. While she can get a bit excited and jumpy, she calms down quickly and loves to snuggle once she’s settled.

Tessa would be a fantastic addition to any family willing to continue helping her with the fundamentals. With her affectionate nature and eagerness to learn, she’s ready to bring joy and companionship to her forever home.

Adopt Tessa and enjoy the boundless love and playful spirit she brings into your life!

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