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Shilo - CO

Shilo - CO

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5 years

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Shilo - CO

Shilo is 5 years old and her family needed to rehome her because their new baby was severely allergic to her, sadly. She is being fostered with a new family now. When Shilo 1st arrived into her foster home she whined quite a bit, letting everyone know that she was not comfortable and very unsure of this new house and new people. It took her a few days to settle in, big changes are hard! Once she settled in she really settled in! She sleeps in the same bed with her foster Mom. Foster Mom says she is very affectionate and loving to her and her husband. Never seen Shilo be scared of anything, cautious, but not scared. She loves meeting new people and new dogs. She was an only dog but now she lives with a 2 yr old female GSP named Maggie and the two of them get along great. We believe that Shilo is crate trained but she has been left to free roam in the house on the infrequent occasion that they leave the house without her, and she does great. They have no kids, so we have not seen her around kids. We also do not know about how she would be with a cat, she has a prey dive though, so probably not good with cats or small critters. She is up to date on all vaccines, spayed, and microchipped. We think she would do ok with or without another dog. She knows her basic commands and is quick to learn new things. She is also house trained. If you are interested in Shilo, please apply!

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