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Griffin - CO

Griffin - CO

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4 years

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Griffin - CO

Griffin is a great GSP! He is smart, a fast learner and wants to please! He loves walks, hikes, drives in the car and being with his people. He's done great at doggie daycare and is also ok with being crated at home. He's house trained, uses a dog door and has completed his beginning obedience class. Griffin LOVES his people and does ok in a crate for short periods of time or when his people are home. His ideal home would have family members home more than not home. He does well with kids who are a little older, 8+ yrs old, because he's a big dog, he could knock the littles over hurting them unintentionally. A huge yard doesn't seem to be a necessity for Griffin - being with his people is paramount. I think another dog might be best for Griffin so that he can play, get his energy out. He has a high prey drive so no cats, small critters, or very small dogs. If you are interested in Griffin, please apply!

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