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Wren just arrived in Colorado from the Texas panhandle area. She is aprox 1 yr old. She was shy when she arrived on 11-6-20, but has become curious and more outgoing as she becomes more comfortable in her foster home and getting used to the daily routine. She is a mix, but not sure with what, so she is not a hunting dog. She probably spent a lot of time in a crate prior to coming here so she is hesitant to go in one but she does and settles down easily. She has met some other dogs with no issues but at this point she really prefers to stick close to her foster Mom as she works from home. She likely had never been on a leash so she is learning and making good improvement each day. She is not a big eater but appreciates tasting what you're eating. She has a soft mouth when taking food from you but really prefers you to set it on floor. She is curious about the resident cat, George, but doesn't want to eat him. It's possible she doesn't even know what George is and she wishes he would let her sniff him more to figure it out. She is not spayed yet, but soon and she will be microchipped. Wren is up to date on vaccinations and is heartworm negative.

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