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Willow is 2 years old and absolutely stunning! She is a GSP/Catahoula mix. Her dapple coat is so unique and just gorgeous! In her short 2 years of life she has been very loved and loved her people very much. Due to life circumstances her family needed to rehome her. When she arrived we learned quickly that she has lived in a protected bubble most of her life, not having experienced much of the outside world. She is lacking in confidence and fearful of anything new. Her ideal home would be quiet, no kids, no other dogs and a very patient person, preferably a women, who will give her the time she needs to adjust to her new life and experience new things slowly and in her own time. Once she feels comfortable with her person she is very snuggly! She will take treats from your hand gently. She walks really well on a gentle leader, otherwise she pulls. She knows sit and someone has clearly taught her how to shake for treats! She does well in a crate but does not voluntarily go in there when she knows your leaving, a little coaxing is needed, but does well after that. She loves back yard time! She will spend hours outside with or without her person, but dog parks make her very nervous. On walks she is nervous of people approaching but if they pass by her with no contact, she does fine, no petting from strangers for sure, but ok if they just leave her alone, although she isn't opposed to treats being offered to her after she feels your not a threat. We need a long term foster or a foster who hopes to adopt, but clearly she has special needs. She needs someone who will move slowly but show her that the world can fun and not always scary. She is spayed, up to date on all vaccinations and heartworm negative. If you live in Colorado and might be interested in learning more about her, please apply!!