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Waylon - CO

Waylon - CO

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5 years

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Waylon - CO

Waylon was adopted 3 years ago and then returned to APW through no fault of his own. He has excellent manners in the home; fully house trained, can be alone for many hours free roaming, and has a great “off switch”. Waylon would do best being the only dog in the home, but homes with a dog can be considered on a case by case basis as there are certain temperaments and personalities he meshes with better than others. He is however, VERY cat friendly and possibly small animal friendly as well. Waylon has car anxiety that could likely be well managed with medication from a vet. Prior to being adopted from APW the first time, he did very well in the car and still enjoys jumping in, so we are hopeful this is something he can overcome in time and with some help. Waylon loves going for walks and doing short training sessions, but will need some time to acclimate to his new environment, especially outside when it comes to his ability to focus. He is easily over-stimulated in new places, but has shown incredible progress in becoming more neutral in just a few weeks in his foster home and in turn with time and positive reinforcement training his leash walking has improved drastically. Overall, Waylon is a very easy dog to live with who doesn’t demand much from his people. He would thrive in an active home who runs and walks many miles a day or with a weekend warrior. He would do ok with respectable kids that are a little older. He’s up for whatever you are from movie nights on the couch or a big adventure in the neighborhood. Apply today if you are interested!

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