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Walle - CO

Hi, I’m Walle, a one year old GSP looking for my furever family! My brother and I wandered up to a veterinarian’s house (how lucky is that?!) who took us in, vaccinated and neutered us and waited for our owners to come. Sadly, no owner was found. Friends were visiting, fell in love and brought us to Colorado. Things were great until my brother began picking fights and after a few months of being beat up I began to defend myself. There was a little girl in this home my Mom and Dad worried about her accidently getting hurt so they tearfully surrendered me to All Points West GSP Rescue.

My new foster home has a Mom and a Dad and 4 GSPs who are teaching me a lot, including “personal space” especially with the one they call “Queen Bee”. She shows me her pretty white teeth and I realize I should probably walk away. We go for off leash runs every night and I’m terrific on an electronic collar! Every now and then Mom tones me because I focus on a bunny or annoying magpie but once she gets my attention I rejoin the pack and we have such a grand time playing, sniffing and swimming in the canal. I LOVE water! I accidently fell in a small irrigation ditch and once I realized what fun water is, I play in it every chance I get! My recall is really good even when Mom doesn’t have a leash on me when I go to work with her.

I’m completely housebroken, use a dog door (if you don’t have one it’s okay ~ I whine to let you know I need out), crate trained, sleep through the night on a dog bed in the bedroom I am not a digger, don’t challenge fences, love other dogs, people, and kids. I’m the perfect dog! Also, if you’re an upland bird hunter, I’m extremely birdy and not at all gun shy. They’ve taken me out a few times to train on birds and I totally get what it’s all about, just need some more exposure and training and you would have a great hunting buddy!

So if you’re looking for a handsome dude with a crazy natural tail who is a snuggler deluxe, super social, and wants to hunt, I could be your new best friend!!