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Tori - CO

Tori - CO

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1.5 years

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Tori - CO

Tori came to us from a shelter transfer from out of state. She is a 1.5 yr old female who is confident, happy, and loves to give hugs and kisses! She likes to meet new dogs and gets along with the other dog in her foster home, they hang out together and play. She likes all people and the only time she has been hesitant to meet another person is when they had a back pack on, so we are working on that. Living in the rocky mountains gives us ample opportunity to work on that! She is willing to eat and sleep in a crate. She loves car rides! Her foster family both work from home, so she is their shadow during the day, typical Velcro GSP. She is crated when they need to run errands and does well. When she arrived she was the dog you needed to hold to with both hands for a walk, but since then she is now calmer and you can hold the leash securely but not being dragged behind her. She is smart! Although she has not escaped her back yard, she did check for weaknesses, so again, she is smart! The words used to describe her by her foster family is that she is going to be a brilliant dog! She is a delight to foster and loves her people. She is a big goofy, young, GSP and with the right guidance will become a wonderful companion to any family! Her ideal family would have bigger kids, she will knock down the littles, and an active family as she is a bundle of energy!

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