Rocky - AZ

Rocky - AZ

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Rocky - AZ

Rocky & his brother Charlie have lived with 1 family their whole lives, they have been very loved for the past 4.5 yrs! Rocky is over-weight for a male GSP and is currently free fed, he would benefit from structured feeding times each day. He showed NO aggression or anxiety when greeted by a stranger. He allowed all kinds of handling of his ears, feet, legs. His teeth are in good shape with just a little tartar. His coat is shiny and healthy. He has a very stable temperament. Unfortunately, life has changed for this family with medical issues and feel its best to rehome them both. Although they prefer they be re-homed together, after we did an evaluation of them, we feel they would be just fine in separate homes. They have had a unique life, full of love, but different than most dogs. They have always been kept at home, no outside adventures, no walks to the park. They are good with cats and other dogs. House trained, not destructive in the house, and neutered. They have limited training, but they are very good natured, sweet boys. Their next ideal homes their new families would show them the world, work with them one on one with basic training, and give lots of love! If you live in AZ and are interested, please apply!