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Ranger - AZ

Ranger - AZ

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4.5 yrs

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Ranger - AZ

Ranger was rehomed by a family who was deployed overseas. His current family has had to make some tough decisions due to health issues and have decided that he needs a family who can give him more then they can. He is good with all people, even the little ones. He is very independent but lives with other dogs and has no issues, just prefers people to dogs. He pulls on a leash and does best on a prong collar or an e-collar. He is e-collar trained and prefers to be off-leash. He is VERY birdie, birds are life to him so he needs a family that understands his drive! He is an athlete and needs a family who can also keep up with him! He has good house manners. He is house trained and crate trained. He has a sweet personality. If you are interested in a GSP who is out of the velociraptor stage, Ranger is your guy!

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