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Polo - CO

Polo - CO

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5 years

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Polo - CO

Polo is a very sweet dog and so easy! He loves lounging in the yard and soaking up the sun. He’s the perfect weekend warrior dog; he’ll nap while you chill or work, but when you’re ready to hit the trails or go grab a beer at the local brewery, he’s always down for an adventure! Polo would thrive in a home where his people are home most of the time or where he can be an office dog. A family where there is someone home most all of the time would be ideal or a family who can take him with them where they go. He is GREAT in the car, respectful, not crazy, he will sit nicely in the back seat. He does have some separation anxiety but he has come so far along since we originally got him! We have not seen any destructive separation anxiety, but he will bark, pace, and pant when he's nervous. He is on fluoxetine for anxiety and Apoquel for his allergies (during allergy season), which he takes like a champ everyday. We can definitely see a time when he may be able to come off the fluoxetine. His crate training is coming along, but he prefers to have the door open. He will go in a crate on his own durning the day or evening and nap with the door open. He’s very respectful in the house. He is literally the best boy, he lays around as his foster Mom works from home everyday and is ready for his walk in the evenings! He is house trained and in his foster home he uses the dog door whenever he needs to potty or soak up some sun. Polo loves all people and the attention he gets when out and about. He is not a jumper either, he greets everyone respectfully. He definitely seeks love and attention from his people! He gets along with other dogs and he will coexist with another dog perfectly or be happy on his own. He is excited by cats, but with proper introduction and a cat that wont take chase he would likely do ok with. Otherwise, Polo is a very easy going pup and low energy in the house. We will also offer support with Polo since boarding him is not ideal, so if you have a family vacation, I'm sure we can help take care of him while your gone! With that said, we are looking for a family in the metro area or just outside the metro area. Are you the family who wants an adventure buddy and all around good boy? Do you meet all the criteria outlined above? We need the right family for him to set both up for success! He is a great pup and we are dedicated to finding him the perfect family, and supporting that family! Polo deserves it! Please apply to learn more about him!

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