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Pistol Pete - CO

Pistol Pete - CO

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Pistol Pete - CO

"Pistol" Pete is my new name! I was owner surrendered to a shelter in Wyoming, so when I came to Colorado, it was only right that I was given a new name! I really love people but can still be a little apprehensive on first meeting, however, once I'm comfortable with someone, I am all in! I must be as close as possible to get all the love and pets! I like to jump up and put his paws on you but getting better about boundaries, most of the time. I really love to go on walks and recently I've been running next to my foster Dad when he rides his bike! Even higher on my list of things I love is other dogs, any shape or size and I will do the GSP whine until I get to meet them! I'm actually interested in most animals and not really in a prey drive way but more a will you be my friend kinda way!I walk on a leash like most GSP's with that bit of pull all the time but I sit really well when asked. The stay command is still a foreign concept to me, all you'll get is a sit only closer to you! I have done some off leash and honestly my recall is really really good but of course needs work especially when there is a distraction, like another dog.I'm really funny when it comes to treats or other food things you give me. I will carry it over to the dog bed lick on it and then eat it really slowly, I prefer to savor my treats. I'm really good about being in my crate during the day. Also, I'm pretty trustworthy of behaving in the house, not too mischievous. I like having the dog door very much but sometimes will just stand there half in and out. I'm pretty calm boy overall in the house and will happily lay on a dog bed till I know it's time to do something or get some love, love being my favorite thing! I have lived with cats before but not recently. If I sound like a good fit for your family, please apply today!

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