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Pip - CO

Pip is almost 4 yrs old, we think he will turn 4 in Feb 2023. He weighs 54 lbs. He is a mix, Pointer/Hound, is our best guess. He was adopted form a local Humane Society and his family loves him very much but they are not the right family for him. They would rather try to find him the right home vs. return him to the Humane Society. He needs a yard, a BIG yard!! He needs an active family so he gets the exercise he requires. He needs a family that has a consistent schedule for him to feel safe. With proper exercise, he can be left to free roam the house, he is not destructive, but he can be crated as well. He loves the water and is very easy to bathe! He loves ALL people and is GREAT with kids! He's actually pretty good with cats also. He would do best as an only dog or POSSIBLY a female with a proper introduction . His passion is the ball! He would be a great trail walking buddy or running buddy! In his current home he has a professional dog walker come to exercise him. He's not great in a dog park because he only wants to chase the ball. Pip has car anxiety, so taking him to the mountains to hike with him or camp with him is not fun for him, traumatic is a better word. He needs a family who checks all the boxes and it would definitely be a special home. He is young and can learn and needs to be exposed to new things but on his terms, which is slow and steady, can't be forced. If you live central to all things dog friendly, then you would be the perfect home for him!