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Pinto - CO

Pinto - CO

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Pinto - CO

Pinto here & if you’re looking for a fairly chill GSP then I'm your guy! I'm 2 years old with a sad beginning to my life. For months I roamed a rural area starving, covered in mange & multiple infections, scared & ready to give up on being saved. I was finally so exhausted & hungry I let a kind woman trap me & rush me to her vet where she was told I wouldn’t have lasted much longer out there. I was in such ruff shape I stayed at the vet for a month so they could get me healthy. I had no hair & infections on every part of my emaciated body, even in my eyes. After a month the lady took me home but I still wasn’t out of the woods so she kept me for a whole year till my fur grew back in & I was healthy enough for vaccinations & neutering. I learned to live in a home, interact with other dogs & trust humans as I’d been let down by them early in life.

I came to Colorado & have another loving foster mom + her 3-pack. At first I wasn’t very nice to her dogs as I was stressed & unsure what to expect but after 2 days I was enjoying their company & trusting her. After only two weeks I was running off leash & I’m here to tell you, that is AWESOME! The freedom & fun of not being attached to a human is the best! Well, next to being loved, feeling safe & having enough to eat.

Not being properly socialized as a puppy it takes a little bit to be comfortable with new dogs but with slow introductions I’m fine after just a day. I’m housebroken, use a dog door, I am crate trained but don’t need one as I am not destructive. My foster Mom says I'm a dream foster because I have naturally nice manners. I'm polite around food (although I do like to sniff the people food, I don't beg), I don't counter surf & rarely jump on people. I do love a good snuggle & WWE wrestling with my foster sister. I like kids older than 10 because they don’t move as fast or make as much noise as the little ones. I’m good with all people but do prefer the ladies, it just takes a little longer warming up to men.

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