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Phil - CO

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Phil - CO

Phil is in the house! He is such a handsome young GSP and we are excited to find him a new home. Some how he ended up in a local CO Humane Society and a wonderful couple, who work there, scooped him up after his stray hold expired. Once they brought him home they realized that he is not a good fit for their family, due to a couple different things, one is due to a dog they already have and partly because of Phil. Phil likes to have all the toys and all the affection, a form of resource guarding, they already had another GSP that has severe/aggressive resource guarding and it would be hard to teach Phil the right way to behave. Phil is a typical GSP pup who loves to play, loves all people, likes his stuffies, loves to learn tricks for treats, he's very smart! Phil is crate trained and is on his way to perfecting his house training! Phil would do best in a home with a breed savvy family who can teach him how to be a good boy. Phil may do ok with a confident dog who can handle his puppy behaviors. Phil may be ok with a cat, his prey drive is low.