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Nora - CO

Nora - CO

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1.5 years

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Nora - CO

Meet Nora! She's a 1.5 yr old Pointer that came from OK to live her dream life in CO. We don’t know what she’s gone through in her short life but we know humans have not been kind to her so she’s still learning that people can be trusted. Luckily, she’s learning quickly that her new life is full of butt scratches, cuddling on the couch, and squeaky toys! She’s an incredibly smart girl who’s nailing leashed walks and lets you know when she needs to potty — she hasn’t had a single accident in the house!

Nora is timid in certain situations but she LOVES going on walks to meet new dogs and their humans, too. She’s loves to play with her big, bouncy foster brother and uses him as a shield to protect her from her other furry housemates, C-A-T-S. She thinks they’re quite strange so she leaves them alone!

Nora needs a special family who will be patient with her while she’s figuring this new indoor life out. We think she would do okay with older, respectful kids (12+) as she gets spooked very easily by unexpected or loud noises. She also needs a confident dog in her forever home to continue teaching her how to dog.

Nora will love her people with every ounce of her being once she trusts them and knows she’s safe.

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