Maggie - CO

Maggie - CO

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Maggie - CO

My name is Maggie & I’m 9 years old. Don’t let that fool you though, because I have tons of energy and am a good hiking & running partner. I’m also a snuggler and like hanging out with my foster Dad, watching him do remodeling projects.

All rescue dogs have a story and mine began in June of 2020 when a nice man found me wandering a desert road in SW Colorado. I was emaciated, dehydrated and exhausted from being on my own for what appeared to be a fairly long time in the summer heat. He took me in, fed and watered me, kept me safe in his RV while putting up posters in hopes of finding my owners. No one came forward so he took me home.

After being fully vetted and treating some issues I had, I learned how to live in a house, walk on leash and other things I didn’t know about. I love everybody and like having dog buddies but am also content being an only dog in my current foster home. I’m housebroken, dislike crates, play fetch, enjoy splashing around in a pond or canal.

Because I was abandoned and on my own for an unknown period, I do have some separation anxiety and can be a little mischievous if left alone for extended amounts of time, like counter surfing. I’m also super smart and can figure how to escape if you’re not watching. I am becoming more comfortable in my foster home and realizing no one will ever abandon me again so my stress level is diminishing.

Being a senior lady I still have lots of get-up-and-go so don’t think we’re going to sit on the couch all day every day! After a long walk or run then it’s okay to chill and enjoy watching a ball game or a beautiful day on the patio. I enjoy laying on my back playing with a toy and I lay spread eagle on my belly! I am a vocal girl, so when foster Dad comes home, I let him know how much I missed him! All that said, I'm generally low key, no crazy puppy shenanigans, and lots of love to give my new family so please consider adopting an older dog. You won’t regret it!!