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Koda - CO

Koda is a teddy bear disguised as a GSP mix. She came to Colorado, from Wyoming, in April where she has been living a pampered life of comfy beds, couch snuggles, and lots of walks. Her foster family has found that a raised voice goes a long way with this girl (she may have been over-disciplined in a prior home). She is house trained, walks well on a leash, and sleeps wonderfully in a dog bed in the bedroom. Her best self is seen rolling in the grass, soaking in the sun, and cozy nights with a movie. At a very young 10 years old, she shines when she is playing with her foster sister, exploring the backyard, or is out walking. She has gotten along great with every dog and person she has met so far. However, Koda loves with her whole body and needs a home where her lovable bull-in-a-china-shop sense of awareness won’t be a problem (or a trip hazard). She has shown no signs of chewing or other destructive behavior. This sweet girl has displayed some signs of separation anxiety though. Her foster family is working on this and crate training every day and she has shown great improvement!

An ideal home for this lovebug would include an often people occupied house, a yard for her to sunbathe and get fresh air, and lots of love and activity- while she needs walks or time spent in a yard she also needs cuddles. A mature k9 sibling to keep her engaged and on her toes would be a bonus!

Koda has been tested with children and had good interactions (she is not dainty though and young children may be a fall hazard). She has not been tested with puppies, though her foster family is optimistic about her behavior. She has also not been tested with cats- while she is very friendly, she has a very strong prey drive. We are accepting applications from families in Colorado!