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7-8 years

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Currently in Foster and recovering from surgery. She will be a special needs adoption because of some health concerns. Kimber is a sweetheart and loves her human companions. She aims to please and likes to stay close to those she loves. She enjoys spending the day curling up on the couch cuddling when she is not outside exploring. She loves going for walks or short runs and fetching toys in the yard. She also loves to seek out squirrels and birds to chase. When it comes to food, she is very food motivated and not overly sensitive to diets or treats. She is a smart girl and loves to learn new tricks for rewards. Currently, she knows "sit", "come" and "leave it". We have taught her "down" and been working on place training. If you tell her "kennel" she will lay on her dog bed and happily await her reward. Although she has been around other dogs, she prefers to be the single fur baby of the household. She will tolerate other dogs but loves her human companions more.