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Gibbs - CO

Gibbs - CO

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9 years

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Gibbs - CO

“Age is just a number”, right? That means 9 is no big deal especially when you’re handsome & named after a famous TV character from “NCIS”.

Hi, I’m Gibbs! My parents are recently divorced and my dad lost his job so I need a new family to continue loving me & giving me the great life I’ve become accustomed to. I’ve lived with little kids so they aren’t a problem, I just need a place to chill when I’m ready some alone time. Cats are no biggie & I’m great with all dogs since I’ve gone to doggie daycare several times a week for years. Don’t laugh when I tell you that at 9 yrs old & 65 lbs I love to carry around a stuffie! They need the exercise too you know! I’m housebroken & crate trained, decent on leash though I do need a prong collar as I get excited & pull. I do eat GI food for my sometimes sensitive stomach & take an affordable medication for protein in my urine.

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