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Frida - CO

Frida is 10 years old, and lost her owner when he died. Her family reached out to us to help re-home her. Don't be deceived by that number, she has a ton of energy! She runs with her foster Dad beside his bike for about 3 miles, 3x a week and on the off days she plays ball with him nonstop for at least 30 minutes! She is also obsessed with critters, so hold the leash tight if you see a bunny, bird or squirrel on your walk! Frida sleeps through the night and was crated when she was with her owner at night. She is not crated at night with her foster and sleeps fine outside the crate. She is calm and relaxed in the house when her people are there, but has a touch of separation anxiety when left for longer than 3 hours. Frida has a sweet nature and would do good with kids who can be respectful of her. She is good with all adults. She is good with other dogs and did live with a male GSP most of her adult life. She would do best in a home who's people are with her more then they are not. She needs regular exercise, as do all GSP's, just because she's 10 yrs old, that is not an exception! Frida is in good health although she needs to be on grain free food and takes half of a 16 mg tablet of Apoquel each day.