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Fred - CO

Fred, Freddie for short, currently resides as king of the couch with his foster family in Colorado. This sweet, loving, boy was surrendered after living in terrible conditions with little to no shelter from the elements on the Oklahoma panhandle. Freddie had never been inside a house before, likely never been on a leash, and certainly never been shown unwavering love until APW found him in June and set him up for the life he so completely deserves. Since June, he has learned skills as simple as stairs, and as significant as crate training. He is potty trained, has great manners while eating, walks very well on a leash and is learning everyday; though at three years old and no history of love and attention, there is still so much potential and opportunity to train this angel. Freddie absolutely loves soft surfaces and and snuggles after likely a life without them, and plays like a puppy with all of the toys that are so new to him. He and his weimaraner foster sister love chasing each other in the backyard as well as going for morning jogs together in the cool weather. This guy will thrive in an active home with another dog who can continue to teach him “how to dog”, and that not everything is as scary as it looks. While he is bursting out of his shell more each day, he is a three year old puppy who has never experienced most of this world due to the neglect in his rearview. He needs lots of reassurance and patience but pays it all back with his overflowing love and goofy persona. This sweetheart has been a sponge, absorbing everything around him, and deserves a family that can show him just how much of this world there still is. Freddie has been tested, though lightly, with children and small dogs and did great. He is nervous but willing to be in the car and loves splashing around in the nearby creek.