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Finn - CO

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Finn - CO

Finn is everything you would expect in a 2 year old English Pointer. Smart, curious, active and very cuddly! He knows basic commands, is crate trained and has done some e-collar work–he can be stubborn, so while he generally knows what he’s supposed to do, he sometimes waits to do it on his own terms. He has done well in doggy day care and boarding scenarios. He doesn’t have separation anxiety but has shown resource guarding tendencies around his female human. Finn has a strong prey drive; he will not do well with cats, chickens, small dogs and the like. We think he would be best in a house with another big dog who will model good behavior and no more than two other people–adults-only. It’s questionable whether he can be trained for field work; he is skittish around loud noises. He is neutered and has had his vaccinations. If you want a dog who can keep up with your active lifestyle and have experience and patience with these gorgeous dogs, Finn is the very best boy for you!