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Duke - CO

Duke - CO

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6 years

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Duke - CO

Duke has been with his family since he was a puppy. Unfortunately his family has some big challenges they are facing and just doesn't have the time to give him a good quality of life anymore and feels its unfair to him. Duke is 6 years old so he has all the basics down, house trained, responds well to sit, down, stay, and is crate trained. He has also had some hunt training but is terrified of the gunshot. He is also not a fan of thunderstorms. He is good with all people, even the little ones and he gets along with other dogs. He does have a prey drive so no cats or small critters. His favorite activity is to run off leash. Duke has allergies and he takes a monthly cytopoint shot and eats a special dog food (Hills Science Diet) that also helps with his allergies. He has lived in southern NM most of his life and it's possible if we can find him a home in CO, that his allergies will improve. His ideal family would be one who treats him like a member of the family. People who are active and will include him on outings like camping, hiking, swimming, or running. He would thrive with another big dog to play with. He is vaccinated, neutered and up to date on vaccinations.

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