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Dottie - CO

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Dottie - CO

Dottie is a beautiful 3 yr old spayed female. She is in a home with a loving family who has made the very difficult decision to rehome her. She was adopted by this family 2 years ago and she fit right in with the family and the other dog... until she didn't. See, the 2 dogs no longer get along now which is why Dottie needs a new home. Dottie is not the aggressor, but she will protect herself. This family loves her so much which is why they are choosing to rehome her, for her safety and for her mental health. She loves to play fetch with a tennis ball, loves walks, loves stuffed toys, treats, playing in the water and of course snuggling! She does play well with other dogs. She is food motivated! She is good with kids, but the small kids might be overwhelmed by her energy or knocked down by her enthusiasm. Because she has been in fights with the other female dog in her current house, it may be best that Dottie's next home she should be an only dog. Dottie is not destructive in the home and she is house trained, but she is on medication for female spay incontinence, it's a daily medication that is inexpensive. Her ideal home would be a family who is home more than not and older kids would a bonus!