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Dakota - AZ

Dakota - AZ

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3.5 yrs

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Dakota - AZ

Dakota is a 3.5 yr old Pointer. She has been with a trusted foster home in the Phoenix area for several weeks. Dakota is a gentle loving snuggler. She is most happy being by your side and laying quietly as you watch TV. That being said, she definitely needs daily exercise and enjoys walks very much. She is both dog and people friendly, and likes to say hello to dogs and kids while out walking. She LOVES walks and car rides. She rides calmly in the car and sleeps in her bed on long trips without any issues. She likes water and will walk onto the baja shelf in the pool after every walk to drink and lay down. She is not afraid to go into the river or the ocean during walks. She will run around the yard, loves playtime, and loves running off leash in a secure location. Dakota does well with routine. She is fed 2x per day and is a good eater. She will sleep in her safe spot, my closet in her bed, and will jump on the bed in the morning to give you kisses and love. She knows “walk” and “ride” and is so happy when either event happens. Dakota uses and loves her doggie door, she cannot be confined outside and needs to have full access to the home. She has never chewed or destroyed anything while left at home and she is house trained. Dakota is very social and loves meeting dogs and people during our walks. She has a gentle side to her that allows children to pet her and she enjoys it. If we meet a dog that does not engage Dakota retreats and just continues walking, but she is always very happy when a dog says hello to her. She enjoys company and will spend a lot of time seeking attention and petting from the adults once she feels safe. Dakota is very afraid of fireworks and thunderstorms. She is also very afraid of being locked outside and not allowed to come back in. Because of this reason Dakota will need a home that has a doggie door with full access, and cannot be confined to the backyard. Dakota needs her peoople and to be part of the family. She needs to be able to have full access to the home and not be relegated to inside or outside with no options. She is a gentle soul, and would love to be with someone that can give her that cuddle time that she’s so craves and responds to. She loves walks and needs daily exercise, so someone active that can take her with them on adventures would be ideal. If possible, she would love spending the entire day with someone home. She is definitely a Velcro dog and will provide unconditional love and companionship, if given the opportunity. Dakota does not like to be confined to a crate with the door latched or locked into any small room. She has a fear of being trapped in a confined space. She prefers to find her own safe location, which is usually a closet or somewhere underneath the table or desk. Because she is not destructive, and fully potty trained with no accidents in the home, there is no reason to crate her. My yard has a 6 foot stucco fence. She has never tried to escape since I have had her. She will be a loyal and dedicated family member. If she is the only dog in the home and completely doted on, she would respond very well to that. If there Is another dog in the home she would enjoy the companionship and playtime as well. She has a high prey drive, no cats, bunnies or birds. Dakota has allergies and is currently being treated with a cytopoint shot every 4-6 weeks and one 10mg Zyrtec Tablet every morning and evening. She must have consistent allergy treatment for quality of life.

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