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He is a very playful puppy, with a big happy wiggle and wagging tail. He definitely loves his dinner time. And treats. He has a long ways to go to fully come out of his shell. He loves his people, while also enjoying his space. He has more hair than a purebred GSP so it seems he searches out the cool feeling of the hardwood floor. His daily routine consists of Meal time, twice daily. Evening cuddles before bed, and our early mornings at the dog park currently. We haven't gone off leash just yet. He has also developed a bit of a taste for icecubes. His current foster have 2 children ages 7 and 10, and Brady he is slowly learning to embrace them. Snacks help. But his first meetings he stays away and woofs and retreats to his safe space. He has slowly been coming around the more often he spends time around them. He also lives with 3 other dogs. Brady is learning how to live in a pack and what that means regarding boundaries and resource guarding. His eldest foster brother can be a bit of a fun police while the younger two play like it's the WWE whenver they aren't sleeping or running around. Brady will do best in a multi dog home with someone still energetic and playful enough to entertain a puppy. He needs his people to be patient. Brady has a lot of energy but not a lot of focus or drive like a typical GSP. He doesn't like to sit still very long.He hasn't exhibited any prey drive. He doesn't have alot of endurance and will need time and training before he is ready for any big outdoor adventures. All in all he is a sweet boy and will need a pack to thrive.

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