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Blue is a 7 month old Pointer mix. He is a very friendly and lovable dog. He loves to play fetch, absolutely loves to cuddle and be scratched! He is extremely smart and easy to train, pretty good on a leash, and adores meeting new people and dogs! He is very friendly and plays well, although he can jump up on new people and struggles to contain his excitement. Getting in the car upsets him, so he will bark until everyone is seated and the car is in motion, and then he loves road trips particularly if a window is open.

He will "guard" his toys. He has learned the commands “trade” and “drop it,” so if he has something he shouldn’t make sure you trade him for something very desirable (he LOVES cheese). He does not like when you leave the house or being put in his crate, it makes him anxious. If you need to crate him, make sure to toss some treats in there that he really wants, otherwise if he senses you may be crating him he will get upset. Because of his guarding and anxiety he is on medication to help soothe his fears.

Blue does very well outside. He loves to explore and play frisbee and he does well roaming the yard. If another dog is around he will play chase and fetch until they are both lying on the ground too tired to continue to play! He does okay on hikes and gets so excited by all the new people. He has not been around children or cats.

His favorite treats are cheese, frozen carrots, and peanut butter. He knows the commands: sit, down, shake, roll over, where’s your toy, go to bed, fetch, look at me, drop it, “no pull” (for walking), and trade. He knows “come” too, but needs daily work on that! He has a stuffed monkey, George, that is his favorite, and he likes to chew on George to soothe himself before bed. He is neutered, chipped, and up to date on all vaccinations. We feel the best home for Blue is with a family who is home more than not, has time to raise a puppy and deal with puppy behaviors. A family who is high energy breed savvy and another confident dog in the home would do wonders for Blue!