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Bentley & Skeeter - CO

Bentley & Skeeter - CO

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7 yrs & 4.5 yrs

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Bentley & Skeeter - CO

I’m 7 years old Bentley (liver roan, 65 lbs) & my “brother from another mother” Skeeter (liver & white, 45 lbs) is a young 4 ½ years old. Our family recently moved from a home with acreage in Utah to an apartment in Colorado. It’s been quite the adjustment for us since we’ve always had lots of room to run, hike & swim. Now we share a small space with mom, dad & 2 yr old child. Dad’s new job takes him away for 10 hours a day & it’s hard for mom to take us for a walk along with the little human. Despite living together for 4+ yrs we do not need to be adopted together. We would be fine separated so long as we get lots of love & exercise! We’re both e-collar trained, have hunted upland birds, are obviously good with little kids, fine with other dogs, housebroken, & have no bad habits. Adopt one or both of us!

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